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RIP label: recognized as being of great educational value by the French Ministry of Education in 2003

What is the RIP label?

KeeBook Creator Education
A Virtual Authoring Tool for Teaching,
To Create Digital Portfolios
Gather, store and organize all types of electronic documents.
Create workbooks of your teaching majors.
Speed-up your Web quests and enhance them with personal annotations.
Publish your students' books.

KeeBook Creator Education is altogether:

a teaching medium,
a creative software,
a communication tool.

It allows users to create their own "books" and produce for example Web quest scrapbooks, teaching reports or assignements workbooks.

It is a tool to gather, enhance and present all types of electronic contents.

It gives the possibility:
for teachers to create their own teaching workbooks.
for students to manage and personalize easily their Web quests.
for teachers and students to better communicate with each others.

KeeBook Creator Education is an application used by a growing number of teachers, students and pedagogy participants in all educational fields in more than 50 countries througout the world.

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